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Symphony S105: Price in Bangladesh & Full Specification
Price2700 Tk
Camera2 Megapixel || Video: Yes, Secondary No
InternetGPRS: Yes || EDGE: Yes
FM Radio Yes
Audio Player MP3
Video Player MP4
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Symphony S105: 2700 Tk
April 2014

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Current Rating : 3.25
Total Vote : 75
First ArrivalDecember, 2013
Memory Card SlotMicroSD card slot Expandable up to 8GB
USBYes, USB Modem
Display2.8" TFT QVGA (240px * 320px)
Talk Time6 Hours
Stand By600 Hours
BrowserOpera Mini
Other FeaturesFacebook with Messenger, Yahoo Cricket, Yahoo Messenger, 1700 mAh Li-ion Battery, Blacklist

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