considers privacy with serious concern. We hate spam like our visitors. So in every way we try to keep our visitors information safe. does not ask its visitor for their personal information in a great deal. Even if it asks for few or collect some data (anonymous), those data are never sold or exposed in public.

Data We Collect:
Mobilemaya.Com asks for simple data like email address, name from its visitor. It also tracks visitorís movement through cookies to give a better search result. Visitorsí movement records are removed after a sort span of time.

Where we store Data:
Mobilemaya.Com provides its visitors with one of the most popular, reputed and expensive data center of the world. Our developers are also dedicated to maintain the data secured from any illegal threat.

Application of Our Privacy Policy:
We declare that our privacy policy is followed by our domain ( only. There we may present many links to other sites. Our privacy policy is not applicable for those sites.